Shalom Corp Volunteers Opening Event In Debra Brehan Crafts Center

The Beta Israel community of N. Shewa turn out to support the Shalom Corp’s, “Adopt a Gedam”, first project, in Debra Brehan. Volunteers construct a chimney for the smoke room of the women’s cooperative pottery workshop. Word has spread to the Gedams (Jewish spiritual centers) in the region, and now other joint projects will begin in a few weeks.

Kol Hakavod to the Shalom Corp.

Shalom Corp leadership welcomes volunteers and community leaders.

Volunteer welds parts for the chimney

Parts for the chimney come together.

Pottery now made in a safe smoke free environment.

LOZA Begins The Manufacture of Face Masks

Left to right, Michael Moges, (Purchasing Manager), Yenenesh Manaye, Mekdes Alaye, Enatfanta Fetene, Helina Engeda (Manager of Operations), Belayneh Tazebku (Marketing Director), look on as the first face mask is produced at the LOZA manufacturing facility in their synagogue, in Kechene Ethiopia. Besides employing members of the community, proceeds will be used for COVID-19 related needs, and some face masks will be donated to the local clinic.

U.S. and Israeli Delegation Visit Kechene Synagogue for Friday Shabbat Services Nov. 15, 2019

Rabbis Gila Colman and Josh Bennett begin service with parsha for the week
Rabbis Gila Colman and Josh Bennett teaching and learning a Hebrew and Amharic song, Ma yafet hayom

Community member speaks
Community member asks a question
Mesfin Assefa
Rabbi Josh Bennett giving mezuzahs to congragation
David Goldberg
Suzi Colman
Belayneh and Messfin blessing their children
Rabbi Josh Bennett talking about partnerships and then blessing children
Rabbi Josh Bennett blessing over wine
Rabbi Gila Colman presents shirts
Belayneh and Messfin blessing their children
Jon Colman
David Goldberg
Suzi Colman
Rabbi Josh Bennett, you must be are partners
Rabbi Josh Bennett, blessing of wine
Rabbi Gila Ruskin greeting the congregation
Blessing of the bread
Mikki leading Amharic prayer 1
Mikki leading Amharic prayer 2
Mikki leading Amharic prayer 3
Rabbi Gila Colman passing out Shabbat candles
Placeing the mezuzaj on synagogue door
David Goldberg
Mikki ending service
Mikkki leading Amharic prayer
Mikkie leading Amharic prayer
Mikki leading Amharic prayer
Rabbi Gila Colman talking about Suzi
Rabbi Josh Bennett explaining a mezuzah
Rabbi Josh Bennett explaining the weekly parsha of Abraham and visitors to his tent
Rabbi Josh Bennett explains and give a mezuzah to each member and affixes it to door post
Scheceanu and Am Yisrael Chai

The Beta Israel Community of North Shewa Ethiopia, Short Video

The Zone of North Shewa in the Amhara region of Ethiopia has been proposed for establishing a community-based development program focusing on agricultural and artisan craft. The communities of the area have ancestral roots related to Beta Israel communities of Gondar and are related to the community of Kechene in Addis. The video provides an introductory view into the knowledge-based development program that is being launched.

First Rosh Hashanah Services in Debra Brehan

 October 3, 2019 0 Minutes      Rate This


This is the first Rosh Hashanah service held in Debra Brehan Ethiopia in probably 500 years. It was attended by about 50 people. Michael Moges, who led the service, was trained over the past several months, by Conservative Rabbi Gershom Sizomu from the Abayudaya community in Uganda. Michael wants to become an ordained Rabbi. There is small synagogue in Kechene Ethiopia for the Beta Israel community, but not in Debra Brehan, the heart of this community.